Tom Badamo of Bayport-Bluepoint holds on to top seeded Zach Lugo of Deer Park. Badamo won this 96 pound semifinal 11-2.
T.J. Fabian fron Shoreham Wading River controls Nick Turitto from Lindenhurst on his way to winning this 96 pound semifinal.
Shoreham Wading River's John Keck works to escape from Bayport-Bluepoint's Ryan Hake. Keck won the 103 pound semifinal 4-2.
Nick Ventiere of East Islip works a power half en route to a 6-0 semifinal win over Jon Randazzo of Newfield at 119 lbs.
East Islip's Mike DiLelleo defeat's Sachem East's Tom Matthews 5-1 in the 125 pound semifinal.
Dave Flynn of Shoreham Wading River lifts Jon Mercado of ESM in his 5-1 semifinal win at 130.
Sachem North's Mike Piro spears the ankle of Rob Rossi from East Islip on his way to an 8-4 semifinal win at 130 lbs.
Vinny Chambers of East Islip puts Keith Meisner to his back, winning the 135 pound semifinal.
Joe LaSala of Sachem North tries to hold on to Rob Malfatone of Sachem East en route to a 10-6 victory at 145.
Tyler Conway of East Islip holds down Lindenhurst's Mike Engel on his way to wining the 145 pound semifinal.
Top seeded Rich Lugo of Deer Park works to control Sam Shepard of Shoreham Wading River on his way to winning this 152 pound semifinal.
Sachem North Head Table
              SACHEM NORTH

  96-Badamo(BBP) d. Fabian(SWR) 6-2.
103-Keck(SWR p. Hegarty(SN) 1:52.
112-Weiner(DP) d. Underwood(BBP) 11-3.
119-Keith(SWR) tf. Ventiere(EI) 5:57.
125-Gerondel(SN) d. DiLelleo(EI) 5-1.
130-Piro(SN) d. Flynn(SWR) 8-4.
135-Cauchi(DP) p. Chambers(EI) 4:28.
140-Barry(SN) maj.dec. Brown(EI) 14-5.
145-LaSala(SN) d. Conway(EI) 4-0.
152-Lugo(DP) d. Patus(SN) 11-7.
160-Vik(EI) d. Stroh(SN) 4-2.
171-Turner(SN) d. Arma(EI) 8-4.
189-Pereira(SN) d. McCoy(BBP) 8-2.
215-Schweitzer(SWR) d. Ayoub(EI) 5-3.
285-Walsh(Lind) p. Bilello(DP) 3:50.

OSW Award-Steven Keith(Shoreham Wading River-119)
Champion of Champions-Mike Piro(Sachem North-130)