Brenan Lyon (Michigan) works to turn John Bention (NC) en route to a 15-2 win at 103 lbs.
Brian Hauser (Ohio) holds on to Phil Levine (Minnesota) to win the 103 pound semi 17-9.
Estevan Cabanas (California) is in deep on Scott Mantua (Maryland). Cabanas won this 112 pound semi 12-6.
Tyler Cox (Wyoming) turns in on Steven Salinas (California) and wins this 119 lbs. semi 12-10.
Sean Boyle (NJ) takesdown Kyle Waldo (Mich) to win the other 119 lbs. semi 7-1.
Ian Paddock (New York) holds on to Kendric Maple (Kansas). Paddock won this 135 pound semi 7-2.
Kyle Dake (New York) works to turn Kyle Bradley (Missouri). Dake took the 140 pound semifinal 4-1.
Zach Clemente (New York) uses his overhead cradle to turn Robert Nash (Michigan) en route to a 13-3 win at 145 pounds.
John Greisheimer (New York) single legs Tigran Adzhemyan (California) on his way to a 7-4 win at 152 lbs.
Ed Ruth (New Jersey) controls Andrew Clement (Virginia) in the 171 pound semifinal which Ruth won 3-2.