125 - Hugh Nawn (NCC) rides Pat Graham (USMMA) to a 5-3 victory.
133 - Ricardo Gomez (NCC) takes down Jordan Alfano (USMMA) to win 10-6.
Nassau's Mike Doria has a single on USMMA's Logan Little in the 141 pound bout. Doria went on to win 8-1 as Nassau took the dual.
149 - Kodie Silvestri (NCC) is in deep on Martin Bell (USMMA) to edge out an 11-10 win.
157 - Travis Donor (NCC) hangs on to Logan Torgison (USMMA) to win 4-2.
165 - Dan Twito (USMMA) rides Lance Wade (NCC) and an 8-2 decision.
197 - David Khovin (NCC) tries to bull dog Dan August  (USMMA) winning 9-4.
285 - Corey James (NCC) works his bar arm to a fall on Sands Smith (USMMA).
184 - Erik Schott (USMMA) lifts Jules Doliscar (NCC) to win 3-1..
Chris Gandolfi of NCC has a high single on Noel Richardson of the USMMA. Gandolfi came away with a 6-1 decision in the 174 pound match.