Silas Murray (Nassau-unattached) works to take down Hugh Dawn (Nassau-unattached). Murray won the 133 pound final 13-3.
Ricardo Gomez (Nassau CC) works his half on Ryan Layton (Gloucester CC). Gomez won the 125 pound semi-final 12-5 and went on to finish second.
Kodie Silvestri (Nassau CC) has a single in the air on Zak Andrews (Delaware Valley). Andrews  won the 141 pound semi-final with a fall.
Jesus Cartegena(Nassau CC) has a single in the air on George Hargrove (Springfield Tech). Hargrove won the 184 pound semi-final with a 6-3 decision.
Lance Wade (Nassau CC) reverses Howie Graber (Gloucester CC) to his back to win the 157 pound semifinal with a fall.
Dan Twito (United States Merchant Marine Academy) is in deep on Lance Wade (Nassau Community College) in the 157 pound Nassau/LI Open. Twito (ranked 10th in Division III) took home the gold with a 9-3 victory as the USMMA crowned three champions in all.