SEMIFINAL RESULTS
at Davis S. Mack Sports Complex

96-Thomas Manning (MacArthur) pinned AJ Muller (Seaford), :50.
       Will Montgomery (Seaford) ded. Joe Barbato (Wantagh), 3-0.
103-Chris Perez (Mac) dec. Marvin Amazan (Uniondale), 4-0.
       Alex Grant (Mac) major dec. Rudy Lanzilotta (Massapequa), 10-0.
112-Sean Kempf (Mac) pinned Tiago Pereira (Clarke), 3:21.
       Anthony Facchini (Seaford) dec. John Pellegrino (LevDiv), 2-0
119-Dylan Palacio (Long Beach) pinned Matt Schmelzinger (GCity), 3:02
       Joe Cusimano (Plainedge) dec. Luke Alber (Farm), 3-2 OT.
125-Nick Arujau (Syosset) pinned Vincent Andriotti (Farm), 3:25.
       Mike Walker (Union) dec. John Khoury (LBeach), 11-5.
130-Nick Fitzmaurice (Want) major dec. Tom Liguori (Lynbook), 16-6.
       Ariel Guerrero (Mac) dec. Kelly Palmer (Clarke), 9-7.
135-Paul Liguori (Want) pinned Anthony Evangelista (Mass), :53.
       Joe Chaiffitella (Calhoun) dec. Adam D'Auguste (LBeach), 4-3.
140- Andre Berry (Union) dec. Quimes Delacruz (Want), 9-5.
       Matt Eberlein (Island Trees) dec. Daniel Cataldi (GNS), 9-3.
145-Brian Herold (Mac) major dec. Brandon Guastafeste (Sy), 10-0.
       Mac Maldarelli (Calh) dec. Tyler Dunne (Mac), 7-4.
152-John Greisheimer (Want) pinned Eric Kaufman (Mass), 2:18.
       Troy Sterling (Union) dec. Josh Maddock (Mass), 5-5, ride-out OT.
160-Anthony Minicci (Plain) pinned Joe Chamish (Jericho), 3:41.
       Rob Grabher (North Shore) dec. Kevin Kennedy (Plain), 10-2.
171-Joe Kavanaugh (Want) dec. Thomas Jackson (Farm), 5-1.
       John Daddino (SewEast) dec. Joe Giametta (Mac), 6-0.
189-Matt Loew (Want) dec. Kevin Gardrvits (GlenCove), 21-8.
       Eric Walordy (LBeach) dec, Conor Wetzel (Mass), 9-4.
215-Connor Horl (GCity) dec. Ajith Anthony-Sylvester (Union), 5-1
       Tom Hall (Want) dec. Andrew Danzinger (EMeadow), 4-3.
285-Chris Williams (Sy) pinned Sajjad Chagani (SewWest), 1:10.
       David Agu (Freeport) dec. Joe Denovellis (NShore), 3-2.

Mat Notes...
Both squads, MacArthur and Wantagh advanced six wrestlers into the championship bouts. At 103 pounds, the Generals are guaranteed a champion and bonus points, as senior Alex Grant (25-4) will face sophomore teammate Chris Perez (27-2). An interesting head-to-bout will occur at 130, as top-seeded Nick Fitzmaurice (24-5) of Wantagh is pitted against second-rated Ariel Guerrero (35-5) of MacArthur. That bout could impact the team title. MacArthur has the state's top-ranked 112-pounder with unbeaten Sean Kempf (35-0), he will meet county finalist Anthony Facchini (31-7) of Seaford in the final.The Warrriors are strong favorites for titles at 135 and 152, with their pair of state kings, Liguori and Greisheimer. Freshman Dylan Palacio (27-0) of Long Beach, the top seed at 119 pounds is matched with Plainedge's Joe Cusimano (26-4), who advanced with a controversial, 3-2 overtime victory, over Luke Alber (Farmingdale). Other top-rated grapplers that advanced to the gold medal matches were MacArthur teammates, Thomas Manning (22-3) at 96, Brian Herold (37-3) at 145, along with junior Matt Loew (35-0, 19 pins) of Wantagh at 189, Connor Horl (36-0) of Garden City at 215 and Syosset's Chris Williams (28-2) at 285 pounds. At 160, top-ranked Joe Chamish (42-2) of Jericho was caught in a cement mixer and pinned in 3:41 by Plainedge's Anthony Minicci (30-5). An intriguing final at 140 pounds, features two county finalists, as Andre Berry (18-2) of Uniondale will meet Matt Eberlein (40-1) of Island Trees. The winner should get a seed at the state meet and the runner-up a wild card berth. Uniondales' Troy Sterling advanced to the final with an overtime ride-out victory over Josh Maddock (34-5) of Massapequa at 152 pounds. The team title should go back-and-forth in the finals, stay tuned...

Team Scores..
1.MacArthur (209.5)
2.Wantagh (208)
3.Long Beach (133)
4.Uniondale (131)
5.Syosset (102)
6.Plainedge (91)
7.Seaford (79)
8.Massapequa (74)
9.Calhoun (72)
10.Clarke (65.5