QUARTERFINAL RESULTS

Manning (Mac) pinned Reina (GCity), :41.
       Muller (Man) major dec. Gray (LB), 14-2.
       Montgomery (Seaf) pinned Faimon (Sy), 1:50.
       Barbato (Want) pinned Lanzilotti (Ros), 4:40.
03-Amazan (Uniondale) major dec. Rubin (LevDiv), 9-1.
       Perez (Mac) major dec. Maher (BJFK), 11-3.
       Lanzilotta (Mass) dec. Dluginski (SewEast), 6-5 OT.
       Grant (Mac) pinned Surkes (Law), :34.
112-Kempf (Mac) pinned Albert (Want), :54.
       Pereira (Clarke) dec. Tigre (Ros), 4-3.
       Facchini (Seaf) dec. Mike Lofrese (GCity), 7-2.
       Pellegrino (LevDiv) dec. Locast (Seaf), 5-4.
119-Palacio (LB) dec. Leonard (Clarke), 11-7.
       Schmelzinger (GCity) dec. Falco (EM), 8-2.
       Cusimano (Plainedge) dec. Singh (Herr), 9-2.
       Alber (Farm) dec. Toscano (Beth), 8-5.
125-Arujau (Sy) pinned Lurie (BJFK), 1:04.
       Andriotti (Farm) major dec. Malinowski (Mac), 13-4.
       Khoury (LB) pinned Kavarsky (Law) 5:49.
       Walker (Un) pinned Arqueta (Freept), 4:31.
130-Fitzmaurice (Want) tech fall Einberg (Ros), 16-0.
       Tom Liguori (Lyn) dec. Snow (BJFK), 4-2.
       Palmer (Clarke) dec. Dan Lofrese (GCity), 7-5.
       Guerrero (Mac) dec. Chicoine (Mass), 5-2.
135-Paul Liguori (Want) pinned Dembinski (Hick), 1:45.
       Evangelista (Mass) dec. Medieros (Mac), 4-1
       D'Auguste (LB) dec. Tuccillo (Jericho), 3-2.
       Chaiffitella (Calh) dec. Spurgeon (Plain), 11-7.
140-Delacruz (Want) pinned Hernadez (VSS), 3:29.
       Berry (Un) pinned Loseto (Mass) 2:33.
       Cataldi (GNS) pinned Coiro (Mac) 5:59.
       Eberlein (ITrees) dec. Mancino (EM), 7-1.
145-Brian Herold (Mac) pinned Davidson (Un) 2:48.
       Guastafeste (Sy) dec. Ortiz (Fram) 5-3.
       Maldarelli (Calh) dec. Ayala (LB), 8-2.
       Dunne (Mac) dec. Meza (Beth), 9-3.
152-Greisheimer (Want) pinned Roa (ITrees), :42.
       Kaufman (Mass) dec. Goldstein (Seaf), 4-3.
       Sterling (Un) dec. John (Beth), 10-8.
       Maddock (Mass) dec. Jeshiva (EM), 8-2.
160-Chamish (Jericho) dec. Sorrentino (Law), 6-0,
       Minicci (Plain) dec. Macchia (Sy) 4-2.
       Grabher (NShore) dec. Mulholland (Mac), 1-0.
       Kennedy (Plain) dec. Curcio (Lyn) 3-2.
171-Jackson (Farm) dec. Romanelli (Beth), 14-12.
       Kavanagh (Want) pinned Randazzo (Sy), 3:10.
       Giametta (Mac) dec. Sorto (West) 9-3.
       Daddino (SewEast) pinned Simmons (LB), 1:59.
189-Loew (Want) pinned Hall (LB), 3:25.
       Gardrvits (GCove) dec. Todd (Calh), 8-6.
       Walordy (LB) dec. Aloia (Man), 6-3.
       Wetzel (Mass) pinned Weinstein (LB), 1:07.
215-Horl (SSide) dec. Kashinsky (Plain), 7-3.
       Anthony-Sylvester (Un) dec. Nicolino (ITrees), 9-4 OT.
       Hall (Want) dec. Ng (Plain), 3-1.
       Danzinger (EM) pinned O'Brien (PWash), 2:43.
285-Williams (Sy) pinned Tenny (Farm), 3:43.
       Chagani (SewWest) dec. Rollo (Clarke), 10-3.
       Agu (Freeport) dec. Edwards (LB), 3-2.
       Denovellis (NShore) dec. Mudassar (LevDiv), 3-2.

Mat Notes...
All 15 top-seeded wrestlers advanced into the semifinal round, with nine of them securing falls in their quarterfinal bouts. MacArthur sophomore Thomas Manning (21-3) has two first period pins at 96 and teammate Brian Herold (36-3) had two falls at 145 pounds. Nassau's defending champion Mike Lofrese (GCity) was upended by Seaford's Anthony Locast, 7-2, at 112 pounds. Top-rated freshman Dylan Palacio (27-0) of Long Beach scored with a second period reversal and used a cradle to hold on and  defeated sophomore Mike Leonard (Clarke), 11-7, at 119. In another wild quarterfinal bout, #1 Thomas Jackson (37-1) of Farmingdale, outlasted Nick Romanelli (Bethpage), 14-12, at 171. Wantagh's NYS champions, Paul Liguori used his patented bar arm and John Greisheimer applied a tight cross-face cradle to record their first period pins. Wantagh's other top-seeded matmen all posted impressive victories, Nick Fitzmaurice (23-5) scored a 16-0 tech fall at 130, and Quimes Delacruz (29-1) at 140, along with junior Matt Loew (34-0, 19 pins) at 189, registered second period falls. Uniondale's Marvin Amazan (103), Joe Chamish (41-1) of Jericho at 160 and Connor Horl (35-0) of Garden City at 215, all posted decisions in their respective matches. Syosset senior Chris Williams (27-2) tossed his opponent and recorded the fall at the 3:43 mark in the 285-pound bout. Seaford has outstanding lightweights, Will Montgomery (29-3) at 96 and Anthony Facchini (30-7), at 112, both are returning All-County performers. At 119 pounds, 8th-grader Matt Schmelzinger (Lynbrook) decisioned East Meadow's Nick Falco, 8-2. In four weight classes a school has two entrants in the semifinals; MacArthur with Chris Perez (36-2) and Alex Grant (24-4) at 103, and with the aforementioned Herold and Tyler Dunne (25-9) at 145, Massapequa with Alex Kaufman (28-5) and Josh Maddock (34-4) at 152, along with Anthony Minicci (27-5) and Kevin Kennedy (24-6) of Plainedge at 160 pounds. As advertised, it appears to be a two-team race with defending team champion MacArthur and runner-up Wantagh, stay tuned...

Team Scores..
1.MacArthur (130.5)
2.Wantagh (113)
3.Long Beach (90)
4.Uniondale (81)
5.Massapequa (70)
6.Syosset (61)
7.Plainedge (53)
8.Seaford (52)
9.Farmingdale (47)
10.Calhoun (40.5)