Robert Person (BJFK) works to escape from Justin Cooksey (EM) to win the 96 pound semi 6-4.
Mark Raghunanden (LB) is in deep on Joe Doria (Mass) to win the 103 pound semi 12-6.
John Lanzilotti (Ros) uses a key switch to win the 112 pound semifinal bout over Mike Fera (Manh) 6-4.
Will Montgomery (Seaf) pins Joe Barbato (Want) as referee Bill Young looks on.
Johnny Pellegrino (LevDiv) holds off a late charge from Mike Leonard (Clarke) to win 3-1 at 125 pounds.
Chris Perez (MacA) gets the takedown on Vinny Turano (Want) to win 11-3 at 130.
Rudy Lanzillotta (Mass) has a single on Russ LaScala (Plainedge) en route to a 7-2 decision at 130 pounds.
Mike Nigro (Plainedge) works for a takedown on Andrew Tack (Ros) to win this 140 pound semifinal bout 8-2.
Dylan Palacio (LB) works the head on Dean Shumley (NSh) winning the 145 pound semi 13-2.
Chris Sarro (Mass) rides Jovanny Concepcion (Farm en route to an 8-4 decision at 145 pounds.
Jesse Bader (Calh) is in on a single against Dan Spurgeon (Plainedge) and wins 5-2 at 152 pounds.
Andrew Jones (Plainedge) works to escape from Kevin Sanchez (Freep) and wins 3-2 at 171 pounds.
Joe Kavanagh (Wantagh) picks up a first period pin in the 189 pound semifinal.
Conor Wetzel (Mass) rides Robert McNamara (LevDiv) to win the 189 pound semifinal 7-2.
Tom Hall (Wantagh) has a high single on John Shanley (LevDiv) en route to a 4-3 win at 215.
David Ng (Plainedge) takes Evan Kappatos (Syosset) to the mat to win the 285 pound semifinal 5-4.