Weight by Weight Preview

    By Jim & Tony Nordland

     The following is a weight by weight breakdown of the ten weight classes and all the
New York prepped wrestlers are in bold letters.

118 Pounds- Top seeded and Big 12 OSW winner Sam Hazewinkel (Oklahoma) is the favorite here and his challengers in the top bracket are Mark McNight (Penn State) and possible semi-final clash with Minnesota's Jayson Ness (36-3) or Charlie Falck (Iowa). Troy Nickerson is second seeded and lodged in his lower bracket are Angel Esobedo (Indiana) and third-seeded Tanner Gardner (38-3) of Stanford. Hofstra' David Tomasette drew the 11th seed and his opening bout is against Anthony Mustari (NColorado). Possible final: Hazewinkel vs Nickerson.

133 Pounds- Top seeded Nick Simmons (Michigan State) could face David Marble (23-11) of Bucknell in a quarterfinal bout. Fourth-seeded Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State)should advance to the semi-finals. Freshman Lou Ruggirello (31-7) of Hofstra is in the bottom tier and his first round match is with Jake Strayer (22-6) of Penn State. If Ruggirello advances, he would face face Cornell's Adam Frey (15-2) who is third seeded and registered a close decision against him in their dual meet. Also in the bottom bracket is second-seeded and defending NCAA champion Penn's Matt Valenti and Mack Reiter (12-2) of Minnesota.

141 Pounds- Unbeaten junior Ryan Lang (Northwestern) will be tough to beat, his upper bracket challengers are Andy Simmons (Michigan State) and fourth-seeded Manny Rivera (36-2) of Minnesota. Hofstra's Charles Griffin (29-5) landed the 11th seed and his opening foe is Darren Kern (26-12) of Bloomsburg. If Griffin gets past Kern, look for him to battle with Alex Tsirtsis (Iowa) or third seeded Nathan Morgan (Oklahoma State). American University's Kyle Borshoff, a freshman (16-13), opens with sophomore Brandon Radar (West Virginia). Possible semi-final bout could see Griffin against second-seeded Derek Moore (UC Davis).

149 Pounds- Top seeded sophomore and reigning NCAA champion Dustin Schlatter (Minnesota) is the clear favorite here and  should move into the finals. Possible semi-final opponent is sophomore Gregor Gillespie (Edinboro). Gillespie is fifth seeded and could face the fourth seed, Cornell's Jordan Leen. Michael Roberts (26-11) of Boston has a tough opening bout with Iowa State freshman Cyler Sanderson (27-9). Harvard's JP O'Connor (32-6), a true freshman, drew the sixth seed and could face the winner of the Roberts-Sanderson bout in the second round. If O'Connor gets past that round, he  would face third seeded Josh Churella (27-4) of Michigan in a quarterfinal bout. Oklahoma sophomore Matt Storniolo is hoping to reach the finals against Schlatter.

157 Pounds- Top seeded seniorTrent Paulson (Iowa State) is a slight favorite here, but will face strong challengers in the top bracket. Virginia Tech's Jon Bonilla-Bowman (20-11) faces Iowa's Ryan Morningstar in a first round match-up. If Bowman defeats him, he would face the aforementioned Paulson. Third seeded senior James Strouse (Hofstra) faces Tyler Sherfey (Boise State) in his opening bout, he then could face highly-touted Bubba Jenkins (Penn State) in a second round match.. Other bottom bracket contenders are sixth seeded Brandon Becker (Indiana) and second rated Brian Stith (Arizona State). If Strouse defeats Stith in the semi-finals, look for a battle against Paulson for the national title.

165 Pounds- Two-time winner Johny Henricks (30-0) of Oklahoma State is here and could face Cornell's Steve Anceravage in the quarterfinals, he should advance to the semi-finals and face Travis Paulson (Iowa State). In the loaded bottom bracket are Hofstra' Mike Patrovich who is sixth seeded and faces former teammate Chris Vondruska (29-15) of Ohio State in a second round bout. Lodged at the third seed is Michigan's Eric Tannebaum (23-1), who will face Eric Decker (22-15) of Virginia Tech. Look for a close  quarterfinal bout between Patrovich-Tannebaum, with that winner to most likely face second seeded Mark Perry (23-4) of Iowa in the semi-finals.

174 Pounds- Top seeded Ben Askren (36-0) of team contender Missouri should breeze to the semi-finals and meet Penn State's James Yonoshonis, the fourth seeded wrestler, who will face Neal Martin (28-14) of Cobleskill. Many formidable opponents are in the bottom bracket, including 10th seeded Matt Herrington (Penn) who faces Alex Dolly (Northern Iowa) in the second round. Binghamton's Josh Patterson (27-9) opens with the winner of the Matt Maciag (Wisconsin) - John Heleniak (Millersville) bout, and if he advances, could face Pitt's second ranked Keith Gavin. Another possible finalist is third seeded Steve Luke (22-1) of Michigan.

184 Pounds- Undefeated junior Jake Herbert (27-0) of Northwestern is top seeded and could face 8th seeded Joe Rovelli (31-5) a Hofstra junior in the quarterfinals. Rovelli must get past Greg Perz (Eastern Illinois) and the winner of Christian Sinnott (Central Michigan) - Greg Perz (Iowa) bout. Other top tier notables are fourth seeded Tyrell Todd (Michigan) and freshman David Craig (28-9) of Lehigh. Minnesota's Roger Kish is second seeded and is a strong candiadte to reach the championship bout. Possible semi-final opponent for Kish is either third seeded Mike Pucillo (21-2) of Ohio State or freshman Jake Varner (26-6) of Iowa State.

197 Pounds- Missouri's Max Askren (28-1) earned the top seed, but faces strong challengers in the top bracket, including possible quarterfinalists; Kurt Backes (Iowa State), Oklahoma's Joel Flaggert (28-3), and fifth seeded Jerry Rinaldi of Cornell, along with fourth rated Phil Davis of Penn State. American University's Josh Glenn (22-1), the second seed  is a potential finalist and will face Andrew Anderson (Northern Iowa) in the second round. Also lodged in the bottom tier is Cornelius Murray (25-10) of VMI and Hofstra's Chris Weidman (28-7), who is the 11th seed and opens with Dustin Porter of Gardner-Webb. If Weidman advances look for an interesting quarterfinal match with Ohio State's J.D. Bergman (22-7), the sixth seed. Possible scenario is Glenn vs Weidman, in an all New York State semi-final skirmish.

285 Pounds- Injuries have depleted this weight class and returning champion, unbeaten and top ranked Cole Konrad (30-0) of Minnesota should dominate the heavyweight field, he will face second round opponent Jared Rosholt (22-10) of Oklahoma State. Chris Cowen (21-9) of Drexel is also in the top bracket and could face Konrad in the quarterfinals. Top contenders in the bottom bracket are second seeded Aaron Anspach (Penn State) and 7th seeded junior Matt Fields (22-10) of Iowa, along with third ranked Ryan Glittter (28-5) of Central Michigan.