MacArthur High School won the 1st Annual "Coach Ed Luksik Classic" in front of a near capacity alumni crowd. The Classic is named in honor of former Deer Park High School coach, Ed Luksik, who coached the Falcons from 1963 to 1996. They had won the 1995 Suffolk B championships and five League titles during his reign. Luksik coached some of wrestling's standouts: Nick Gallo, Ray Downey, Ted DiPasquale, Howie Greenblatt and countless others. Coach Luksik won Suffolk County Coach of the Year Award in 1975 and was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1999. Luksik was 67 when he passed.
     The Generals jumped out to an early lead, winning the first three bouts but the Falcons closed the gap starting with an exciting 6-5 come from behind victory by Brandon Cauchi at 125 pounds. One of the feature bouts was at 135. John Cataldo of MacArthur turned Deer Park's Joey Nunez in the final seconds to score a two-point near fall and a 5-4 victory. The other feature bout was the 140 pound match that went to triple overtime. Falcon, Rich Lugo used his head turn-in to escape in sudden death to defeat Brian Herold 4-3. MacArthur had still led at that point and would not relinquish the lead, winning 29-21.

MACARTHUR  29             DEER PARK  21

103-Alex Grant(M) d. Damian Lugo(DP) 11-2
112-Sean Kempf(M) d. Eric Wiener(DP) 7-1
119-Ariel Guerro(M) p. Paul Cauchi(DP) 2:52
125-Brandon Cauchi(DP) d. Vinny Coiro(M) 6-5
130-Kyle Lynch(DP) d. A.J. Seda(M) 9-2
135-John Cataldo(M) d. Joey Nunez(DP) 5-4
140-Rich Lugo(DP) d. Brian Herold(M) 4-3 3xOT
145-Tyler Dunne(M) d. Doug Miller(DP) 5-0
152-Shane Gallo(DP) d. Joe Giametta(M) 3-2
160-Chis Piperno(M) d. Basil Lauson(DP) 12-2     
171-Chris Lugo(DP) d. Anthony Macaluso(M) 4-1
189-Forfeit by Deer Park
215-Joe Bilello(DP) p. Mike Soguero(M) 1:18
Ed Luksik's daughter Cindi Iuliano, assisted by Ted DiPasquale, speaks during the dedication of the Deer Park wrestling room in Luksik's name. Her mom, Angie is flanked by Dipasquale and MacArthur head coach, Howie Greenblatt.
Special guest speaker and former New York State Champion Ray Downey.
Special guest speaker and former NCAA Champion Nick Gallo
Deer Park's Rich Lugo use his head turn-in on MacArthur's Brian Herold in the third overtime to win 4-3 at 140 lbs.
John Cataldo (MacArthur) turns Joey Nunez (Deer Park) in the final seconds of their 135 pound match to win 5-4.
Deer Park's Kyle Lynch works his bar arm on MacArthur's A.J.Seda enroute to a 9-2 win at 130.
MacArthur's Sean Kempf drives Deer Park's Eric Wiener in their 112 pound bout. Wiener won 7-1.