Hauppauge was leading the tough League V Tournament with 216.5 points over Rocky Point(146), Islip (142.5), Huntington (137.5) and host Harborfields with 90 points. The Eagles were paced by defending state champion Ken Collado (27-3) at 112, along with other finalists, Nick Mauriello (26-1) at 96, Tyler McGann (19-5) at 103, Adam Lepkowsky (26-6) at 119, Kevin Panebiano (33-3) at 140, Anthony Bonaventura (29-4) at 145, unbeaten senior Eric Wooley (28-0) at 215 and Scott Munro (23-1) at 285 pounds. Defending Suffolk champions that advance to the finals were Damon McQueen (28-0) of Huntington at 103 and two-time winner Stephen Dutton (37-0, 177-11) of Rocky Point at 135 pounds. The marquee match of the finals will feature the aforementioned Collado against unbeaten Nigel McNeil (33-0) of Huntington for the 112-pound title. McNeil edged Collado, 4-3, in their recent dual meet.


Mauriello(Haup) pinned Russo(Coms),1:04.
      Nick Pesko(Say) pinned Accardi (RPt), 2:50.
103-McQueen(Hunt) major dec.Schwatzapfel(Haup), 14-1.
       McGann(Haup) pinned Haag(Islip), 4:59.
112-Collado(Haup) pinned Gregg(Islip), 1:33.
       McNeil(Hunt) major dec. Ross(RPt), 13-1.
119-Lepkowsky(Haup) dec. Johnson(RPt), 10-8.
      Troy Mashkow(Islip) pinned Boccard(Harb), 1:31.
125-Colamussi(Harb) dec. Ehlingher(Haup), 13-6.
       Acker(Harb) dec. Klein(Coms) 5-3 OT.
130-Wade(Islip) dec.Haas(Say), 10-3.
       Santiago(Hunt) dec. Piscitello(Haup), 7-6.
135-Dutton(RPt) pinned Sala(Islip), 3:28.
       Pitre(Say) dec. Marro(Haup), 5-0.
140-Panebianco(Haup) dec. Lopez(RPt), 5-0.
      Mistretta(Coms) major dec. Slevin(Say), 16-6.
145-Volpe(RPt) pinned Slotnick(Coms), 1:32.
       Bonaventura(Haup) dec. Ward(EHampton), 9-6.
152-Provenzan(Islip) dec. Pitito(RPt), 6-3.
       Matt Egan(Islip) dec. Mellynchuk(Say), 9-4.
160-Coggins(RPt) dec. Menendez(Haup), 4-3.
       Puca(Hunt) major dec. DelMuro(Harb), 12-4.
171-Cannone(Islip) dec. Fox(Hunt), 6-5.
       Lupi(Hunt) major dec. Phillips(Harb), 12-0.
189-Sandoval(Hunt) dec. Gotay(Say), 7-3.
       Vivonetto(RPt) dec. Foglia(EH), 8-6.
215-Wooley(Haup) dec. Farrell(RPt), 15-6.
       Burgess(Harb) pinned Lyons(Islip), 5:30.
285-Hinrichs(Islip) pinned Corbly(Hunt) :45.
       Munro(Haup) dec. Marro(Haup), 2-0.


Nick Mauriello (Haup) pinned  Nick Pesko (Sayville), 1:21.
103-Damon McQueen (Hunt) tech fall Tyler McGann (Haup), 3:08.
112-Ken Collado (Haup) dec. Nigel McNeil (Hunt), 7-4.
119-Troy Mashkow (Islip) pinned Adam Lepkowsky (Haup), 1:41 OT.
125-Andrew Colamussi (Harb) major dec.Greg Acker (Harb), 8-0.
130-Kyle Wade (Islip) dec.Omar Santiago (Hunt), 5-3.
135-Stephen Dutton (Rocky Point) pinned Travis Pitre (Say), 1:26.
140-Kevin Panebianco (Haup) dec.Gerard Mistretta (Coms), 6-2.
145-Anthony Volpe (RPt) pinned Anthony Bonaventura (Haup), 1:14.
152-Matt Egan (Islip) major dec. Frank Provenzano(Islip), 11-1.
160-Billy Coggins (RPt) dec. Louis Puca (Hunt), 8-5.
171-Anthony Lupi (Hunt) dec. Joe Cannone (Islip), 6-4.
189-Chris Sandoval (Hunt) dec. Peter Vivonetto (RPt), 10-5.
215-Eric Wooley (Haup) dec. Mason Burgess (Harb), 8-6.
285-Cody Hinrichs (Islip) dec. Scott Munro (Haup), 2-0.

Team Scores:
1. Hauppauge (257)
2. Rocky Point (177)
3. Islip (162.5)
4. Huntington (151)
5. Harborfields (102)
6. Sayville (88)
7. Comsewogue (62)
8. East Hampton (27)

OSW Award
: Ken Collado (Hauppauge-112)
Most Pins: Stephen Dutton (Rocky Point-135) 4 falls in 7:09.
Coach of the Year: Chris Messina (Hauppauge)
Hauppauge's Ken Collado takesdown Islip's Dan Gregg en route to first period pin in this 112 pound semifinal. Collado went on to be Nigel McNeil of Huntington in the finals as Hauppauge won the team title.