125 - Hofstra's Jamie Franco (former New York State champion) holds down Buffalo's Dylan Dabolt to secure a 1-0 decision.
133 - Buffalo's Kevin Smith works to turn Hofstra's Jeff Rotella for a 27-12 tech fall.
141 - Buffalo's Andrew Schutt holds off Hofstra's Tyler Banks for a come from behind  win enabling Buffalo to tie Hofstra.
149 - Buffalo's Desi Greene (former New York State champion) stops  Hofstra's Justin Accordino winning a close 3-2 decision.
157 -   Hofstra's Jonny Bonilla-Bowman works to turn in on Buffalo's Andrew Stella as he wins 10-5.
165 -   Hofstra's PJ Gillespie (former New York State champion) rides Buffalo's John Martin-Cannon en route to a 5-2 victory.
174 -   Hofstra's Ryan Patrovich (former two-time New York State champion) has a high single on Buffalo's Matt Bogardus. Patrovich came up with the takedown and a 10-3 win.
184 - Hofstra's Ben Clymer takesdown Buffalo's Josh Peters for an 8-0 decision.
197 - Buffalo's Jimmy Hamel is in on Hofstra's Anthony Tortola winning 8-6.
Hwy - Buffalo's Brett Correll (left) battles Hofstra's Paul Synder. Correll took the match with a 5-2 decision.