January 2009
103- David Chaverra (Brentwood) pins Pat Monahan.
112- Humberto Garcia (Brentwood) pins Glenn McKenna.
119- Nelson Garcia (Brentwood) decisions Ryan Neugebauer.
125- Troy Sampson (Chaminade) decisions Alexis Blanto.
130- Travis Calderon (Brentwood) decisions Matt Sagan.
135- Mario Calderon (Brentwood) decisions Evan Doherty.
140- Steve Rojas (Brentwood) pins Dan Gehrig.
145- Rob Chisena (Chaminade) decisions Jonathan Falconi.
152- Jesse Cabrera (Brentwood) pins Steve Moirano.
160- Sal Rizzo (Chaminade) decisions Saul Delossantos.
189- Alex Erickson (Chaminade) pins Gene Stevenson.
215- Brendan Fowler (Chaminade) decisions Dimas Berrios.
Brentwood's Josue Mendez works a bear hug on Chaminade's Drew DeLanney. Mendez picked up the fall at 171 pounds and remains unbeaten on the year.