St. Anthony's won the CHSAA league title with seven champions and 428 points. Chaminade finished second with five champs and 317 points, as Kellenberg finished third with two winners and 298.5 points. St. Anthony's Chris Brienza (32-3) won the 96 pound title and was voted as one the tournaments outstanding wrestlers, along with senior Andrew Pappas (140) of Kellenberg. Ricky Randazzo of St. Anthony's won the Most Pins Award and claimed the 152 pound crown.
                               CHSAA FINALS

Chris Brienza (StA) p. Bobby Wallace (Cham) :31.
103- Jimmy Morris (StA) p. Zach Indoyino (Kell) 13-0.
112- Grant Greene (StA) d. Glenn McKenna(Cham) 17-4.
119- Ryan Neugebauer (Cham) d. Rob Rohena (SJB) 5-1.
125- Troy Sampson (Cham) d. Jon Anderson (Cham) 15-0.
130- Matt Sgan (Cham) d. james Corino (Kell) 12-0.
135- Anthony Alesandro (Kell) d. Brandon Ayala 6-5.
140- Andrew Pappas (Kell) d. Kevin Gallagher (StA) 10-0.
145- Brandon Melsner (StA) p. Tom Montgomery 1:59
152- Ricky Randazzo (StA) p. Frank Loiacono (SJB) 3:40
160- Sal Rizzo (Cham) p. Joe May (SJB) 5:36.
171- Colin Pryor (StA) d. Matt DeLuca (HT) 6-1.
189- Anthony White (HT) d. Christian Ponce (Kell) 20-8.
215- Brendan Fowler (Cham) p. Fred Zaccheo (Kell) 3:29
285- Nick Auriemma (StA) p. Jonathan Desir (StA) 2:49.